uber promo code for new riders

Free Uber Promo Code 2017

New Uber Coupon Codes and User Guide 2017 

Ever hear of Uber? Indeed, you have, they’re the everyday men and woman driving everyone you know to and from. Well now it’s your turn. Many lucky new users take advantage of first time rider credits when signing up.

If you haven’t tried the app, today’s a good day to start. Becoming a rider is so easy and downright convenient.

After experimenting and using the new  promotion code” 9vp97jh4ue” when you first sign up or prior to taking your initial ride, was a cool way to get a greatly reduced or even no cost trip.

Is Your First Uber Ride Free?

That depends, the current amount is $15 that would be credited to your new account.  If the trip is less than that, consider it free. Otherwise you would just end up paying the amount in access of your initial credit.

How to Apply Your Promotion Codes in Three Easy Steps.

The following steps use a first-time rider Uber promo code are too easy to pass up and well worth the $15 reward.

Download the Uber App – Can be found on both Google Play & App Store

Select Payment Tab – In the upper left icon box, select payments

Enter Uber Promo Code – Go to the tab labeled “Add Promo/Gift Code” then enter code, then tap Add

Text Tutorial Free Uber promo Code 2017


If all else falls and you still seek assistance, you can go directly to Ubers Help Page for an even better understanding.

 How Many Times Can You Use an Uber Promo Code?

According to Uber, a first-time coupon can only be used up to the allotted credit amount. After that you will no longer be considered a new rider and their-for will have to seek other limited opportunity’s. But your initial credit could go quite the distance if you’re traveling in town.

Estimating your Uber ride is usually quite easy. You simply inter in your “to and from” on the app and you generally will receive and estimate and car options. Although it’s important to note that the new rider credit is only for UberX.

First Time Trying Uber or Ride Share in General?

No worries, we’re here to break down this awesome concept so you can get rolling as fast as possible. You always have the option of skipping the rest of the info below and use our pre-loaded code, known as our 1 click ride credit sign up.

Still with us? Good. We understand those new to the app want to know information on the best code to use in their city and how the app functions.

What’s Uber and How Does the App Actually Work?

The company started in 2009. The owners are Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. They envisioned riders and drivers interacting solely through a mobile device. The rider would enter in their destination, receive vehicle class selections to choose from, and then be paired with a driver that receives notification of a ride request based on vehicle class and proximity. Riders even are able to track the incoming driver and call directly if there are any issues. Best of all, no paper money is every exchanged as all currency is received through the app itself. They’ve grown to 400 plus cites and roughly 60 countries to date.

There are always going to be other ride share competitors like Lyft.

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But Uber controls over 90% of the rides hare market, and doesn’t look to slow down for any of the local “competition” to catch up.

Most Popular Cities to Try Using an Uber Code

The rates and demand very greatly from city to city. All the cities bellow are hotspots. They all happen to be busy tourist like cities that provide lots of dining and entertainment options. This is obviously how demand can increase, which in turn could case rates to surge!

Miami (MIA)

Chicago (Chi-Town)

Atlanta (The A)

New York (The Big Apple)

San Francisco

What’s an Uber Surge?

This generally occurs when the demand for rides, is greater than the available number of drivers. Other factors including the time of day, weekends, and holidays play a major part as well. On a holiday like New Year’s Eve for example, you could experience a 2.5-5x surge price which means your fare could be up to 5x’s the normal rate for the same distance and time traveled. The good news is the app will indicate if there is a surge in your area happening.

How to Select the Right Vehicle for Your Ride Share Experience?
Uber Vehicle Types

Depending on your particular need, there are four Uber Car Options to choose from:

  • UberX holds 4 passengers. It is the least expensive Uber service. Uber X cars are cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Altima.
  • UberXL holds 6 passengers. UberXL cars are an SUVs and minivans, that all have third row seating and an XL costs more than an UberX
  • UberSelect is the entry-level luxury service vehicle that transports up to 4 passengers. Select cars are brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc with a leather interior.
  • UberBLACK is Uber’s luxury service vehicle. Must be all black and commercially registered and insured vehicles, typically a black SUV or luxury sedan. Black is the most expensive Uber service you can request.

Is it Safe Driving with Uber Drivers?

Uber does take the time to do a complete background check on EVERY Uber driver, they also require a photo copy of the driver and insurance/registration documents to.

What is the Dual Rider/Driver Rating?

Both passenger and driver are able to rate the driving experience at the conclusion of every ride. If the driver was unhappy with the behavior of the rider, they can indicate that on the rating. Drivers want 5 star ratings and know that customer service, clean operating vehicle, and safe driving is the key to achieving their goal of receiving a high rating.

How to Get Additional Free Uber Ride Credits Through Referrals?

How To Refer Uber Friends

After signing up and using your free rider coupon code, you can invite friends and family to try Uber for free using your unique code that Uber will provide you after signing up. As more people use the code, you will notice credits being added to your account. It becomes a win-win for your and those you share the information with.

Free Friend Referral for Uber Instructions