Ride Share Profits

4 Ways To Get Paid with Uber & Lyft

Getting paid with Uber or Lyft has been tremendously simple these day, but it wasn’t always the case. When it came time for me to start driving for any rideshare company, I literally hesitated two years before actually signing up and taking my first passenger. Why? There were a ton of misconceptions going through my mind about how everything would work. I didn’t want to be a taxi driver for starters, and sad to say I felt the potential income wouldn’t be worth the time or effort. That all change when I took my first Uber in Chicago. I meet a woman that shared some of here successes and frustrations driving for both Uber and Lyft and that conversation lead me to start my own journey.

I quickly realized that simply just being a driver was not going to cut it. I had other entrepreneur endeavors going on and would NOT be able to take the 50-65-hour per week route I saw my counterparts doing.

You might be in the same boat, trading hours for dollars and you’re unhappy with the results so far! Learning to maximize your rideshare income potential comes down to utilizing every opportunity that is current available to you at this time. By doing so you can balance your income to hours worked ratio in your favor.

Here are my five areas of focus that I use to exponentially grow my rideshare revenue.

Passenger Referrals

There are no shortages of first time Uber and Lyft passengers looking to take their first ride on a “DAILY” basis. In fact, there are a 100,000+ combined searches for riders looking for promotional codes so they may give ride share a try. Knowing this you simply need to put out content in order to receive your share of the pie. The number of new riders taking action with your promo code can’t be predicted but putting content and videos on all the social media platforms will certain help you cast a very wide net.

Driver Referrals

Anyone thinking of in-barking into this industry will first start doing researcher to see other driver’s experiences. Just sharing your daily rideshare encounters with on your own platforms will go a long way in creating your own “following” of people that will listen you and take action because of the advice you give. The income from these referrals fluctuates according to time of the year and by location but it is income that can be generated passively none the less. That one piece of content that you put on the internet can yield hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the coming months and years, which is why I can be considered passive. Every month, I know a certain number of my passengers and folks that find my content will sign up to drive because of me! Remember the previous “wide net” strategy? Same thing!

Having Your Own Referral Web Site

You may have had some success on other platforms, but you ultimately have zero control over the content. At any given time, these platforms can change their terms of service or even shut down. Being the lord of your own “digital land” is crucial to adding more income to your bottom line. The visitors that come to your site to read your articles and watch your video should be viewed as your private guests. You have the ability to add ANY content you’d like because you own the land. You also have the ability to nurture a relationship that matures while you’re off doing something else. Creating your own rideshare referral site and filling it with relevant content will continue to add income to your bottom line even while you sleep. This passive income strategy is what helps me greatly balance my revenue generated even though I don’t drive full time hours. Having a simple blog that you can send potential passengers and drivers to will one of the best decisions you’ve made in your rideshare journey.

Click here for help creating an income generating rideshare blog

 Web Traffic & Commissions

Sharing your knowledge with visitors will also allow you to make recommendations on different products and service that feel would useful to other business owners. These recommendations can often lead to small commissions being acquired. Although this amount generated probably aren’t moving the financial needle towards retirement, it should be viewed as another important method in the overall income goal. If your traffic is substantial, Google can also reward you for allowing small ads to be place on your site, in exchange for small amounts of revenue based on user behavior.

There you have it, I created a referral site and other marketing collateral to cast my “wide net” for new potential drivers and passengers looking for information and strongly suggests you do the same.

You can have your blog up and running before going to bed tonight and start tipping the financial scales in your favor. I enjoy meeting new passengers and making new connections but I realized as a driver I wouldn’t have to spend every waking hour trading those long hours for dollars and could still generate a great WEEKLY income from simply being strategic and taking action.